Timestar Power Solutions Pty Ltd is a privately owned Western Australian based company, specialising in the Design and Manufacture of Electrical Switchgear and Switchrooms. As an organisation our passion and satisfaction comes from understanding our client’s needs. This enables us to design and deliver solutions that are not only fit for purpose, but provide the very best in safety, functionality and value. Timestar alongside with our partners manufacture custom-built switchboards for the Australian and International market with our switchboards meeting the latest international IEC and AS/NZS standards. Timestar is a well-disciplined company who prides itself on honesty and client satisfaction with “a job not too hard” attitude we carefully screen all employees’ to make sure they can meet the highest standards with both their appearance and workmanship

Engineering Solutions

  1. Engineering Services
  2. Engineering Software (AutoCAD, PowerCAD, AutoDesk)
  3. SCADA Programming
  4. PLC Programming
  5. HMI Development

Low Voltage Switchgear

  • Design & manufacture Low voltage switchboards
  • M Series Motor Control Centre – IEC & AS/NZS 61439:2016
    • Type tested & certified (NATA & ASTA certification)
    • Fault rating tested and certified
    • Various operational voltages & impulse voltages

Medium Voltage AMS Switchgear

  • AMS is a state-of-the-art switchgear jointly developed by German and Chinese experts.
  • AMS is designed for the full range of medium voltage switchgear, Voltages range from 3.6kV up to 40.5kV.
  • Air Insulated Metal-clad Switchgear (AMS), designed in Germany, is fully metal-clad, air insulated, arc proof and compact safe design.
  • Leistung Energie AMS test certificates available. Timestar Power Solutions locally design, engineer and support the full range of switchgear for individual projects.

Medium Voltage Ring Main Units

  • The range of Lesistung Energie Ring Main Units are type tested and rated for voltages from 12kV to 36kV with standard 630A bus bar currents.
  • Ideal for compact kiosk substations.
  • Flexible expansion
  • Units come with internal sF6 gas for operator and equipment protection
  • Single hand operation for load switch/earthing switch
  • Mechanical interlocking

Transportable Switchrooms

  • Engineered switchroom solutions for mining, utility and industrial sectors.
  • Custom designed to meet client and site specifications including structural demands, transport requirements, size restrictions, fire ratings, environmental conditions and special access needs.
  • All transportable switchrooms are manufactured, fitter-out, tested and commissioning at TS facilities before they are transported to site, reducing installation and site work schedules.

Kiosk Subtations

  • Modular kiosk accommodates a variety of MV and LV equipment in an outdoor, weatherproof enclosure.
  • Certified to AS1170 Region D
  • Allows for flexibility in sizing, layout, application, inspection and maintenance

Turnkey Projects

  • Project services include professional engineering, supply, site installation and project management including
    • Substation earthing & lightning protection systems
    • HV & LV power systems
    • HV substation & switchboard installation
    • Transportable switchroom and substation installation
    • Fixed generation & standby diesel generation systems
    • Process control systems
    • Labour and shutdown solutions
    • Hazardous area inspections
    • MV/LV circuit break maintenance and repairs
    • Radio telemetry.
    • Fibre option cable joins and repairs.

Service, Repairs & Maintenance Support

We offer our expertise in repair, maintenance, upgrades and servicing of electrical equipment at a competitive price.


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