Long way to catch up for the United States

Lithium United States

US Lithium miners are pushing to boost up their stocks to reduce their reliance on China.

Once the world leader in Lithium production in the 1990’s , the United States has fallen away to a mere 2% of Global Production.

Global demand is expected to jump 400% by 2025, thanks to the demand for Lithium-Ion batteries used in Electric Vehicles & Storage systems. Now, the US is looking domestically to securing Lithium supplies outside of China.

“I think it is entirely feasible in the next four, five or so years to see one or two of those projects enter production,” said Andrew Miller, an analyst at consultancy Benchmark Mineral Intelligence.

China is home to the majority of Lithium Hydroxide Processing Plants and takes up almost all of the Lithium from Australia. They take as much as they can get their hands on.

Read Full Report: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-minerals-lithium/u-s-electric-car-sector-wary-of-china-seeks-more-domestic-lithium-idUSKBN1J82HS


Lithium News – Long way to catch up for the United States


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