Lithium prices stabilize as demand remains strong

This year’s surge of lithium producers has created several price fluctuations for the lithium market, however the commodity seems to be stabilizing as we head towards the end of 2018. Chinese spot prices for 99% lithium carbonate have increased 0.65% during November, stabilizing at around $US 11 610 per tonne. Spot prices for Lithium Hydroxide have also remained steady at $US15 750 per tonne, maintained by strong Chinese and international preference for the hydroxide form.

The global lithium carbonate contract price has also remained steady, with South American giant SQM predicting prices to remain flat in the second half of 2018. Previously SQM were expecting a slight drop in carbonate prices, however the market has held support throughout the latter half of the year. Prices for Spodumene (6% LiO2) is currently hovering around $US930/dmt [CIF] with many analysts expecting an increase in 2019.


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