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Can you tell us a little bit about you and your Company?

At RESOURCES OPTIMISATION we help our clients increase their profitability through intelligent control system design and optimized control strategies. Our clients are generally Mining and Oil & Gas companies that want to increase their production throughput whilst minimising asset downtime. We also spend a lot of time doing R&D and have developed a number of patented products for use within the Mineral Processing industry.


How long have RESOURCES OPTIMISATION been in operation and in what area do you specialise?

We were founded in Perth in 2009 and are specialists in the areas of Control systems, Advanced Process Control and Process Health Monitoring. In more recent years, we have also started developing our own custom instrumentation that are specifically designed for use within advanced process control solutions. We can also deliver turnkey control system packages depending on client requirements.


What is your typical Client?

Our clients can range from small gold operators looking to push up their production numbers right up to major iron ore players who want strategic input on plant optimisation. We also offer specialist engineering services to larger EPC companies who engage us for our specialised expertise.


Vendors come in all shapes and forms. How important is the end result for you? How do you guarantee your Client satisfaction?

Without customer satisfaction, RESOURCES OPTIMISATION would not  exist. The majority of our business comes from those who have worked with us in the past and so it is crucial that we maintain great relationships whilst delivering on our promises. Advanced Process Control often seems a dark art to our clients, so instead of just delivering a solution, we work closely with the client team to educate and train them during the project lifecycle. The better the client understands the “how” and “why” of their process control solution, the more likely they will maintain it correctly and reap the true benefits.


 What products or services are you’re especially proud to supply? And why?

As I mentioned earlier, the team at RESOURCES OPTIMISATION spend a lot of time in the R&D space and as a result have developed a number of highly innovative products for use within the Mineral Processing industry. In particular, we are very excited about our patented undershute track scales for use within the train load out area of iron ore and coal processing facilities. Unlike other track scale systems, our patented technology allows instant measurement of wagon weight under the loading chute area, increasing loading efficiency and plant output capacity.

For more information check out our website here


Are there any projects you are particularly proud of? Maybe a project where your products or services made a positive impact.

RESOURCES OPTIMISATION has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with one of Australia’s most disruptive and innovative iron ore producers. We have recently completed an overall train load out optimisation project which included:

  • Train speed radar development, installation, integration and commissioning
  • Track-scales hardware and software, system integration, maintenance
  • Tag readers electrical design, system integration
  • TLO Bin Load Cells electrical design, load cell installation, system integration
  • Clamshell speed control and optimisation
  • Training for engineers and technicians
  • Hopper narrow beam radar engineering

The results for our clients included a significant reduction in feeder trips, an optimised hopper beam radar system, reduced wagon weight variability and overall TLO throughput increase. Our engineers also increased the load cell accuracy and clamshell speed control improvements.


Where do you see the Lithium market going in the next 5 years? And how can RESOURCES OPTIMISATION help Projects?

Lithium is going to play a major part in the universal move to cleaner energy and battery storage. At RESOURCES OPTIMISATION, our proven solutions will be able to assist Lithium producers speed up their start up process, maximise production throughput, reduce energy costs and minimise downtime. We have years of experience with complex refining processes and are able to apply this industry learning to the up and coming Lithium market.


And now, time for some self-promotion. Tell us why we should contact you for our Lithium Project? What makes RESOURCES OPTIMISATION different?

Our team of experts have over 40 years of experience in Process Control Engineering and have a proven track record across major mining and processing projects. We are locally owned and have a strong understanding on the Western Australian market. We pride ourselves on delivering fast tracked projects on time and within budget and can help potential Lithium clients gain a competitive edge in this highly competitive market.

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