Company Name: Bamford Engineering and Consulting Pty Ltd

Company Address: Office 10/6 – 14 Clarence Street, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Phone Number: 0265 837833



1) Can you tell us a little bit about you and your Company?

Bamford Engineering & Consulting (Bamford) is an established provider of integrated project management and delivery services to the infrastructure, resources and building markets.


2) How long have you been in operation and in what area do you specialise?

Bamford was established in 2014 with the objective of providing clients with services which respond to their specific needs by maximizing their strengths and assisting them in areas which may require specific attention. Our approach is to augment a client’s existing resources rather than taking over and imposing structures and approaches which may not provide for maximum value for clients.

We specialize in providing support to project owners in order for them to realize the full potential of the delivery of their projects.

Over the course of our careers, we have seen traditional PMC and EPCM arrangements, typically led by large professional services firms, frequently fall short of driving the desired outcomes and behaviors. These arrangements often evolve into resource intensive teams, with firms opting for quantity over quality, staffing with junior to mid-tier staff where overhead margins are highest. Furthermore, with schedule of rate contracts based on soft KPIs, there is little incentive to drive an expedited schedule.

Our approach is focused on integrating a lean team of highly skilled professionals into client’s project team to complement existing knowledge and experience with specialist technical advice and expertise in major infrastructure delivery.


3) What is your typical Client?

Our typical client is focused upon achieving best value management in the delivery of their projects.

We find that our clients have had negative experiences with large professional services firms and have decided that a more cost effective, flexible and transparent approach to service provision is required.


4) Consultancy’s come in all shapes and forms. How important is the end result for you? How do you guarantee your Client satisfaction?

We believe that the provision of project management and delivery services should, by its very nature, be an extension of the client; dedicated to protecting capital expenditure and the project schedule while working maturely and collaboratively with contractors and other stakeholders to successfully deliver a project. While this may sound obvious, in our experience this is often not the case.


5) What are the most important points we need to ask a Consultancy before starting a project?

A good consultant should understand what makes a project successful.

For a project to be successful a consultancy needs to be genuinely committed to working towards the client’s aspirations and goals as part of a team. Too often consultancies are focused upon there financial bottom line with little or no commitment to working as part of an overall team to deliver a project. This is often reflected in a desire for consultancies to assume full command and control rather than being participatory in their structures and approaches. Therefore, I believe that and point to confirm with consultants is how there will provide team based value to the delivery of a project.

I also strongly believe that the success of a project is determined by the quality of preparations made before commencing.


6) Where do you see the Lithium market going in the next 5 years? What concerns you? What excites you?

There is no doubting that Lithium is currently the hottest commodity on the planet at the moment, thanks largely to China’s push away from fossil fuelled vehicles to more cleaner and environmentally friendly electric vehicles.

As demand increases the Lithium price has doubled but I believe over the next 5yrs the demand and supply curve will settle down before continuing on an upwards trajectory.

Unlike, other commodity cycles like Oil and Iron Ore, I believe Lithium has staying power and will grow as a clean power alternative.

My concerns are project delays, brought about by new industries with inexperienced teams. The solution is ”speed to market” in a closing window of opportunity.

I’m excited about the challenges facing Lithium producers who are faced with getting their product to market quickly. I have been the Project Director on several mega projects in Australia and fully understand what does and doesn’t work.


7) For sure not all Projects are the same. You must have some favourites or “special ones”. Can you share with us any project that you feel especially proud of?

Bamford recently undertook an ECI process on the Carrapateena Project which resulted in the delivery of 60% of the capital cost for the project in lump sum commercial offers over a 12-week period.  This was achieved through a collaborative open-book approach with proven and trusted contractors working ‘hand in glove’ with the Owner’s Team.

More than $50 million in value engineering opportunities were realised, scope and battery limits were defined to a contractual level and cost and execution schedule targets were met.

The success of this strategy was underpinned by the relationship between Bamford and the contractor across all level, including executive leadership, forged over many years and through billions of dollars of successful contracts.


8) What Leadership style do you bring to a project?

My leadership style is reflecting an absolute belief that transparency, accountability and strong decision making are essential in delivering a successful project.

I understand the importance of maintaining the discipline to stick with project delivery priorities throughout a projects life cycle. Not flip-flopping between budget, schedule and quality as the project goes through its ups and downs. I do however understand the need for project delivery to respond appropriately to issues as they arise. This requires the application of sound judgement based upon clear and reliable information.


9) And now, time for some self-promotion. Tell us why we should contact you for our Lithium Project?

Experience – a Safe pair of hands
Our team brings decades of experience in delivering some of Australian largest resource projects. We know the opportunities and risks associated with Lithium projects with building and integrating infrastructure and can advise and support our clients to effectively manage its contractors to successfully deliver its projects.

OUTCOME FOCUSED – DRIVING VALUE from start to finish
As a trusted delivery partner, we are genuinely committed to working in the best interest of our clients.

From our own lean team and KPI based contract through to rigorous contractor management and project controls, we drive strong commercial and execution outcomes from start to finish.

WIN: Win – open, mature approach to contract management
We operate in a spirit of fairness.

Our team brings a transparent, open book approach to working collaboratively with selected contractors that share the same values to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties.

The range and scope of projects which our team has participated on has resulted in an extensive range of industry contacts and relationships with access to this network of contacts and relationships of significant benefit to our clients in providing best value, high quality services.

Dynamic – entrepreneurial spirit backed by robust technical capability
We are responsive to change combining agility, drive and innovative thinking with robust governance, sound technical capability.

Ready – INDUSTRY LEADING team set for rapid mobilisation 
Our lean, highly skilled team is ready to mobilise to support our clients in the execution of Lithium projects.


  1. This is a great article. Few years ago I was on a project which was not going anywhere fast. I remember bamford guys coming in and joining us in the owners team. Within few weeks we saw change and within few months the project was turned and going in the right direction. Few of us learned how things are done correctly just by being part of it. Love it. Good luck guys.


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