Infinity Lithium Shares rise on switch to Lithium Hydroxide

Infinity Lithium Shares WA

Perth based Infinity Lithium Corporation Ltd (ASX:INF) has recently finished a scoping study that has values their San Jose Lithium project in Spain above US$ 1 billion. For this valuation, the project would need to include the company’s plans of building a full-sized lithium hydroxide production plant.  

Infinity has historically focused on lithium carbonate as their main produce, however the evolving battery market has persuaded the company to shift their resources towards lithium in its hydroxide form.

Ryan Parkin, the company’s managing director remains confident in Infinity’s ability to change their market focus to increase profits, stating  “Infinity has been able to capitalise on evolving market conditions and this scoping study clearly demonstrates the significant advantages in the production of a higher value lithium chemical end product, lithium hydroxide.

“The evolution of cathode technologies used in higher density lithium-ion batteries has seen greater opportunities to capitalise on burgeoning electric vehicle demand for battery-grade lithium chemicals, and in particular leaves Infinity well placed to alleviate geographical supply-side risk of European cathode and battery producers.

“The scoping study demonstrates that the long-life San Jose Lithium Project has suitable production scale capable of providing a materially significant option for cathode producers to diversity within Europe, whilst the long mine and processing life aligns to many European nations’ targeted reduction in emissions and phase out of internal combustion engine vehicles.”


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