Former property guru proposes lithium batteries in Townsville

Bill Moss Lithium Townsville Queensland

Bill Moss, a former Macquarie property giant is looking to raise $2bn to develop one of the worlds biggest lithium-ion battery factories in Townsville, Queensland.

If the plan goes ahead, it would be one of the largest factory developments in Australia and would help reduce the youth and indigenous unemployment that has plagued the state since the collapse of Queensland Nickel (QNI).  The Great Barrier Reef tourism and mining centre has formalized an agreement with Boston Energy and Innovation, with intention of leading the $2bn project which is planned to be built on disused council land.

The move would also help to disrupt China’s monopoly of the battery market, currently maintained due to the nation’s control of the graphite industry and industrial circumstance.

“The world is facing trading wars so we don’t want to rely on only one option if there is a trade war between the US and China” said Bill Moss who is currently the Chairman for the consortium bidding for the factory construction.

The factory location of Townsville has numerous benefits, including existing rail and port infrastructure, experienced workers as well as its close location to Asia. The availability of land would also mean fewer restrictions on truck movement and delivery traffic, with the Townsville Council expected to provide about 80ha of land for the factory.  


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