Environment a high priority for Covalent Lithium

A public environmental review has identified two vulnerable native animals near the proposed Mt Holland lithium mine in the Goldfields, currently being developed by SQM and Kidmann Resources under the newly formed partnership Covalent Lithium.

The environmental document produced by the developers has found that there have been a number of sightings of the rare Malleefowl and Chuditch, including active Malleefowl mounds.  

Image source: bushheritage.org.au/species/malleefowl

Despite the report findings, Covalent Lithium is confident that it can take all necessary steps to mitigate any impact on the threatened population and are looking to engage the Goldfields Land and Sea Council to assist in their conservation strategy.  

The Mt Holland project plays a vital role in the state’s lithium plans, and the $1 billion project has been granted lead agency status by the government.  The project is expected to create up to 700 jobs during construction and retain around 300 during its the 40-year mine life.


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